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Our goal is to develop a fun and easy language-learning program that anyone can learn.

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Live workshops

Great Escape Publishing (formerly known as the AWAI Travel Division) has hosted over 100 live events. Just in the past several years, we have hosted workshops in locations such as: India, Thailand, Bali, Spain, Italy, Ecuador, San Francisco, Washington DC, Phoenix, France, and Morocco… to name a few. Our schedule for 2013 includes: Miami, South Africa, Istanbul, Thailand and more!

Our workshops are the best way to learn how to fund your travels. Our Ultimate Workshops (held stateside) are three-day long events, specializing in either travel writing or photography, and they are the most efficient and cost-effective way for you to gain the knowledge you need to start making money from your travels.

At our live events, you’ll learn from experts who are approachable and generous with their knowledge. Like us, they are all firm believers in the idea that anybody – armed with the right secrets and commitment to utilize them – can get paid to explore the world on their own schedule. They are all professional photographers or published travel writers who are eager and willing to share their secrets of success.

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Get-Paid-to-Travel Products

In addition to hosting live workshops, we publish nearly thirty home-study programs.

Every product is aimed to help educate you on how to earn an income through travel. Whether it’s through photography, writing, leading your own tours, or the import/export business you’ll find something that’s right for you.

We work with professional photographers and published travel writers to create products that can help anyone achieve success in the industry if they choose to pursue it.

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